Family Medicine Residency Program Faculty

The Adventist Health Ukiah Valley Family Medicine Residency Program has an outstanding core faculty with diverse clinical skills who will provide residents with continued learning and individualized teaching. Below are some of the faculty members that will be part of our program.

Our page is currently under construction, but please stay tuned as we continue to add faculty and expand on their professional bios and residency roles.

Faculty Members

Dr. William BowenOrthopedic Surgery Curriculum

Dr. Georgina CalderonEmergency Medicine Curriculum

Dr. Roger CheitlinCritical Care Curriculum

Dr. Lynne CoenCommunity Medicine Curriculum

Dr. Andy CorenFamily Medicine Practice Medical Director, Geriatrics and Health Systems Management Curriculum

Dr. Henry DeGrootDermatology Curriculum

Dr. Chris DeuelProgram Director, Family Medicine Inpatient Service (FMIS) and Procedures Curriculum

Dr. James Flaherty, Pediatrics Out-Patient Curriculum

Dr. Kimberly FordhamFamily Medicine OB, Adventist Health Clear Lake

Dr. Ziad HannaGeneral Surgery and Sub-Specialty Surgery Curriculum

Dr. Ida HarrisMedical Student Education Curriculum

Dr. Jim Nuovo, Designated Institution Official

Dr. David PlossCardiology Curriculum

Dr. Laura WinkleRadiology Curriculum